Inactivation Charges

After a full year of gift card account inactivity at, the card will terminate, and gift cardholders will be charged $ 2. Cardholders are free if they make an acquisition or when the balance comes to $ 0.00.

An additional charge of $ 5.95 applies to substitute a lost card. The refund will be deducted from the amount present have in the cardholder’s MyGiftCardSite Login account. Usually, the issuance of the gift card takes about 30 days. It is profoundly recommended that users write down the gift card number to avoid prospective issues.

Visa and MasterCard prepaid gift cards offer several benefits at They are a magnificent gift because they can be quickly sent to someone without the same uncertainty of loss that would incur while sending money.

They can be utilized to buy in physical stores or online sites with MyGiftCardSite online perks. They can even be bought for personal usage if users don’t want to utilize cash. The best part is that a gift card can be utilized wherever Visa and MasterCard are authoritatively accepted.

If you buy a prepaid gift card on the website or receive one as a gift, it’s best to register the card so users can keep track of their acquisitions and check their balance. Here’s what users require to know to sign up and use Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift cards.

MyGiftCardSite is one of the most utilized official sites to track the accessible balance on the gift card. Major retailers as a rewards program typically issue these cards. All the loyalty points are assigned to this card, with every acquisition is made with the store gift card.

There are several gift card sites online as individuals now have to select options that help them improve their spending budget from month to month. If individuals are looking for a better gift card site that makes it easier for shopping with a fantastic amount of savings, you should link to